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京都駅前のカフェSweet Marron Caffeのインフォメーションページのトップ画像

京都駅前のカフェSweet Marron Caffeのニュース

Daimonji viewing party


京都駅前のカフェSweet Marron Caffeの季節限定さくらラテの画像

If you consume at cafe Marron on the day of party, you will be invited. Please note that Myo and Hou can not be seen. Party starts from 8:00pm. The application will be closed as soon as the number of participants reaches the limit.

limited menu(SUMMER)


京都駅前のカフェSweet Marron Caffeの季節限定メニュー

Frappe Drink&Frappe Drink on ICE(Powdered Green・Chocolate)
On the hot day, this is recommended.♪

This month's cake


京都駅前のカフェSweet Marron Caffeの今月のケーキ

This is a cake of summer limited.
Summer Lemon & White Brownies

First local beer in Kyoto


京都駅前のカフェSweet Marron Caffeには京都初の地ビールもあります

First local beer ever in Kyoto since 1995.
You can try it here.
We recommend it!

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